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2011 CDC

  • Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli

    Cyber-physical systems combine a cyber side (computing and networking) with a physical side (mechanical, electrical, and chemical processes). Such systems present the biggest challenges as well as the biggest opportunities in several large industries, including electronics, energy, automotive, defense and aerospace, telecommunications...

    IEEE CDC-ECC 2011 Semi-Plenary Lecture - Orlando, FL, December 2011
  • John C. Doyle

    This talk will focus on progress towards a more “unified” theory for complex networks involving several elements: hard limits on achievable robust performance ( “laws”), the organizing principles that succeed or fail in achieving them (architectures and protocols), the resulting high variability data and “robust yet fragile” behavior observed...

    IEEE CDC-ECC 2011 Plenary Lecture - Orlando, FL, December 2011
  • John Baillieul

    The year 1948 was auspicious for information science and technology. Norbert Wiener's book Cybernetics was published by Wiley, the transistor was invented (and given its name), and Shannon's seminal paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" was published in the Bell System Technical Journal. In the years that followed, important ideas of...

    IEEE CDC-ECC 2011 Bode Lecture - Orlando, FL, December 2011

2010 MSC

2010 CDC